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Valuation After The Experience

Paul Ricken

Als coach, auteur, inspirator en trainer gaat al mijn werk uiteindelijk over het helpen van anderen bij het simpel en makkelijk maken van de manier waarop ze zichzelf en anderen blijvend energie geven. Dit doen zij door een ideeën, gedachten, verhalen, diensten en producten met de wereld te delen.

Valuation After The Experience


I had a brief phone call with Martijn Aslander (see the image), a Dutch Resourcerer. He is a connecter of people, information and ideas.

He's remarkable. Just because he is devoted. He helps you with whatever you want unconditionally.

He can get bored when you have absolutely no idea of what to do with your life. He likes focused people, no bullshit for him.

Of course he hopes you'll remember him. Maybe you'll get back to him with whatever after he helped you.

He speaks a lot in front of 50 to 1000 people. Delivering high quality each and every time.

Big thing about him

he never agrees upon fees before his performance.

His reward will be determined by the audience evaluation. How about that?!

Why is he doing that? He is convinced he is not able to determine the value he deliveres. Only the people who listen to him or receive his great ideas and value can determine the value of it. It's arrogant to be the judge of that yourself.

Through this he is always strongly devoted to deliver maximum value. To be able to do this, his learning curve is steep all the time. He wants to do better all the time. He never stops learning. Searching for new knowledge out there. In the abundancy out there. Understanding it to the max.

awesome picture 313 shoes martijn

- His shoes -

That's like me. I love giving you the treasures other creative supernovas use as well. Like this treasure. Can you imagine doing the same?


Nobody I know of in The Netherlands who's doing the same thing. Yeah, sure some models out there, derived from his model. Never the same however.

He said somebody told him; "There is no other Martijn out there, this valuation stuff you apply suits only you."

I was thinking of doing the same thing he's doing the past weeks. Valuations after you've experienced my training, coaching, programs. I did it some years ago and I loved it. My customers were stupified by it at first. In the end it worked for them as well. I designed a wish list for them.

Yes, you've got it. I apply it as well.

Take a look at my New Program "Master the Secrets in two Days" and "How To Get Paid More (renewed)".

I changed both programs to get this major principle in it.

Before you dive in I make sure I get to know your needs, struggles, lifestyle, mindset, excitement and drive among other things to be able to deliver the maximum quality you deserve.

I felt ecstatic when I made the decision and I still do. It suits me as well. I am the second in The Netherlands.

I give you everything for free on this blog, I give you everything for free on my free stuff page. Even an E-Book of 150 pages of awesome stuff. I just care about you, I care about you being awesome, I care about the world to boost awesomeness.

The two programs I mentioned are not for free. You however determine what it's worth to you. You are the only one able to do so.

Trust me, I will do all that I can to assure you get the best content you've ever experienced in your life. Oh, are you confused by the title "How To Get Paid More"….?!

That's the secret of it. When you devote your life to being the awesome YOU, you will deliver awesomeness to others and they will gladly reward you for it. Trust yourself and trust them. They will after they've met you and experienced your awesomeness!

The Other Day In Online Business

I follow a lot of guys and girls out there who have great online businesses. They do this mainly by being caring and loving and devoting their lives to serve their audience and customers.

Some of them however I skipped.

One guy is a multimillionaire. In his first year online he earned his first million dollars. He wrote three bestsellers. He delivers great knowledge. He's also pawky and shrewd.

The other day I watched a promotional video of one of his courses after receiving three mails announcing it. Great content he shared. He is a giver. Still to sly for me.

After his presentation he presented the price table. He gave six items of value for the price of more than 8.000 US Dollars. He ended up selling it for no more than 500 bucks…..

This stank. For me. It was smart as well you might say. A lot of people signed up for his program.

But, this is not my way. Sure, I want to drive a used Aston Martin DB9 each day, but not using this kind of sales methods.

You know, this method of valuation afterwards might be the new economic model for the future…

Your Way

Whatever you strategy will be, be genuine about it. It has to fit you like a tailor made suit or dress. You have to feel comfortable with it. You have to love your audience and customers. You have to be deeply devoted to your cause and calling. You have to be devoted to always learn and deliver great quality.

Then, you'll be allright. You'll attract a lot of people out there.

Let me know what you think, I love to hear your voice. If you know others applying this as well, let me know as well.


'Love All, Play To The Max, Achieve Anything - Be Awesome!'

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