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Your Miracle Switch

Paul Ricken

Als coach, auteur, inspirator en trainer gaat al mijn werk uiteindelijk over het helpen van anderen bij het simpel en makkelijk maken van de manier waarop ze zichzelf en anderen blijvend energie geven. Dit doen zij door een ideeën, gedachten, verhalen, diensten en producten met de wereld te delen.

Your Miracle Switch

What would feel like a miracle for you?

Maybe this is a miracle for you;

Witnessing vulnerability from a loved one?

Creating an awesome diner for your friends and they can't stop talking about the experience?

Publishing your own first book?

Your lovely wife giving birth to your first precious treasure?

Being able to outrun a 22 year old when you are 51?

Watching a sunset with your loved one?

Sensing someone will call and it does happen?

Your kid at high school being excited about a teacher?

Not getting anxious when the boss enters your working space?

Completing your first marathon?

Reading a loving letter of gratitude to your parents?

Feeling comfortable and happy with yourself and feeling at home in your own skin?

Just wondering

I'm wondering what miracles you've experienced. Will you share them here? That would be awesome.

Your awesome life is worth sharing.

You know how to turn your life into a miracle by now.

Can you create miracles each day? Little ones and big ones?

The Miracle(s)

Your life is a miracle. You were born with an unique superpower. A superpower to create the miracles you want in your life. Some  say you first have to break free of your anxiety, your limiting beliefs, your predispositions, your bias, your being small, your fear. I don't think so, you can tap into your awesomeness each moment of the day. Just turn the magic switch on.

Yesterday I was privileged to witness it once more. 8 Trainers in a workshop I facilitated to become more WE as a team. Discovering their own Life Purpose and writing themselves a love letter. A love letter in which they made a commitment for a year to live their Life Purpose to the benefit of WE, the team. Some hesitated because of a sense of insecurity. After a vulnerable multi side dialogue they all were able to stand firm and read out loud their letter in front of the group.

It was breathtaking. They stepped into their awesomeness. It liberated them, it relieved them, it opened up the atmosphere, it cleared the tension. They overcame their boundaries.


I bless myself witnessing it. I bless myself being able to facilitate them. I bless myself experiencing 8 miracles on just one day.

You can experience miracles each day as well. By living your Life Purpose with all your Presence. Being persistent, playful and expressing your positive mind. These 5 P's are your SWITCH! Put the switch on.

Share your miracles here or share this article. Let's create miracles together. It will be awesome!


Become Awesome!

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